SFI Career Forum 2015

Workshop 2 - What Recruiters Are Looking For

Sinéad Cullen, Life Science Recruitment

Sinéad holds a BSc(Hons) in Neuroscience from UCC and a Masters in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin. Sinéad also spent 2 years in academia carrying out research in the field of Bionanotechnolgy and the development of Point-of-Care devices. As Sinéad has spent a number of years in the Scientific Arena she has an excellent understanding of the needs of her clients and her candidates. Sinéad's specialised areas of recruitment are Clinical Research,Quality Assurance, Connected Health and Medical/ Healthcare. Life Science Recruitment is a specialist science recruitment agency with a specific focus on the recruitment and selection of professionals for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, allied healthcare,connected healthcare, clinical research, medical device,engineering, sales and supply chain sectors in Ireland. All our Recruitment Consultants have a Scientific background, which gives us the distinct advantage of having excellent  industry insight and knowledge and also enables us to understand the career path our candidates would like to follow.

Luke Davis, Next Generation Recruitment

Luke is Head of Engineering, Finance, Life Sciences & Supply Chain within Next Generation recruitment. He has 7 years’ recruitment experience and an Engineer by trade himself, holding a Bachelor of Engineering from DIT. 
Luke has recruited for a number of prominent Life Sciences companies and thoroughly understands the industry and what employers are looking for.
Luke’s entrepreneurial mind set enables him to take candidates on a journey to their desired career (MSc, Entrepreneurship, DIT). One of Luke’s key skills is the ability to accurately understand candidates and therefore match the correct position to suit their next career step.
Luke has built up his knowledge from his client portfolio of both indigenous and multinational operations that he works with and also from extensive market mapping and head hunting.
Luke consistently keeps informed of movements and changes to ensure his strong level of knowledge is in line with industry trends and he can offer the highest contribution and input to clients and candidates alike.
Luke currently works with 10 out of the top 20 Pharmaceutical companies in Ireland and 8 out of the top 20 Global Medical Device Manufacturing operations.
The Biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland is the now the largest foreign direct investment industry in Ireland and is now one of the Ireland’s largest employers.
As a direct result the need and demand for Biopharmaceutical scientists is now one of the main areas of growth with the Science industry itself and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
Next Generation therefore have a unique place within the global biopharmaceutical industry, having a large highly skilled pool of indigenous Scientists and also the global reputation to attract talent from all over the world to live and work in the Irish market to be part of one of Science’s most cutting edge industries.

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